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Elementary Curriculum


The goal of the Fox Chapel Area School District’s robust and rigorous elementary curriculum is to foster strong foundational skills in early literacy, critical reading, academic writing, and problem solving. Through the process of data analysis and differentiated instruction, our highly qualified teachers are able to understand each of our students individually, allowing us to maximize the potentials of each of our young learners.

The K-5 curriculum is aimed at developing a growth mindset and cultivating persistence, perseverance, resilience and curiosity. Students in the primary grades learn to read, express their thoughts in writing, acquire deep mathematical thinking skills, receive exposure to world languages and utilize technology across the curriculum. Special classes add lessons in art, music, physical education, computer science and library. In the intermediate grades, instruction turns to expanding and applying their comprehension, linguistic and mathematical skills to different settings.

At every level, classrooms are organized to meet varying instructional needs, and our students engage in lessons appropriate for their readiness. 

All instruction aims to prepare and motivate our students for a rapidly changing world by instilling in them a solid academic foundation, critical thinking skills, and a respect for Fox Chapel Area’s core values of respect, responsibility, and integrity.

Elementary Curriculum Staff

Executive Director of Elementary Education and Instruction

Ashley Constantine

Dr. Ashley Constantine

(412) 967-2411

Secretary to the Executive Director of Elementary Education and Instruction

Sharon Long
(412) 967-2455