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World Languages Instruction


Beginning in the 2019-2020 school year, the Fox Chapel Area School District will expand its elementary world language program. Elementary students in kindergarten through fifth grade currently have Spanish lessons, but next year, they will have increased exposure to other world languages. The main goals of the program will be to introduce students to world language learning early, build awareness and understanding of other cultures, develop an appreciation for learning another language, and increase student motivation for future language study.

The program will include an emphasis on developing cross-cultural competencies in the youngest students.

According to Dr. Ashley Constantine, the district’s executive director of elementary education and instruction, there are very few districts who offer this kind of exposure to world languages at such a young age.

“This program will give our students the opportunity to explore various languages and the cultures of people who speak them,” Dr. Constantine said. “This expansion will give our students an academic advantage and create a very unique learning opportunity.”