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Mental Health Resources


The Fox Chapel Area School District understands that students have a variety of mental health and emotional support needs throughout the school year. To meet those diverse needs, the district has built multiple layers of support into each building.

Here are the resources that are available to our students:

School Psychologist

• 3 total: 2 full-time employees and 1 contracted employee; open contract with Allegheny Intermediate Unit 3 open contract to address any additional needs within the district.
• Part of our Crisis Response Team

School Counselors

• FCAHS: 6 counselors
• DMS: 3 counselors
• Elementary: 2 counselors at O'Hara Elementary; 1 counselor at Fairview, Hartwood, and Kerr elementary schools

University of Pittsburgh MAPS (Maximizing Adolescent Potentials)

• Provides school-based and school-linked mental health, alcohol, and tobacco and other drug-related services
• Assigned to schools (4 employees total)
• Student Assistance Program (SAP/ESAP)
• Screening
• Postvention
• Psychoeducational Services
• Social Skills

Building-Based Student Assistance Programs and Elementary Student Assistance Programs (SAP/ESAP)

• Consists of principal(s), counselors, University of Pittsburgh MAPS, nurse(s), and teachers
• Identification of student needs through identified markers
• Consistent interaction with Allegheny County Department of Human Services to assist in supporting students

Transition Coordinator

• Licensed Professional Counselor
• Teaches Social Thinking 9-12
• Nationally-recognized as an expert in the field of transition

Behavioral Specialist

• 2 within the district
• Work primarily with K-5 but available 6-12

School-Based Mental Health

• K-12 service for our families
• Offers outpatient counseling services to families during the school day
• Working with Family Behavioral Resources (FBR)

School Consultation

• Contracted services through the AIU3 and The Watson Institute
• Consultation and assistance for student and classroom supports within our district

As always, we encourage our parents and guardians to contact the district directly to get the most current account of the programs and resources that the districts offers.